5 Minute EMOM

When: 7/31/19

Q: Yee-Haw

PAX: Shiplap, Rapking, Hop Along, Spirit, FNG-Rio, FNG-Barcelona, Aqua Girl, Scrubs


The Thang:

Set timer for 5 minutes

Complete the exercises in each round, and rest until the next minute begins. You’ll perform the exercises in each round 5 times (starting at the beginning of each minute, for 5 minutes). Repeat each round 3 times.

Round 1

Squat to overhead press x 8

Squat jumps x 8

Mountain climbers x 10 

Round 2

Deadlifts x 8

Push-ups x 8

Burpees x 5

Round 3

Lunges x 8

Bicep curls x 8

Tricep dips/extensions x5

Stretch / Inspiration