Progressions, and countdowns, and cardio, oh my!!

When: August 1, 2019 5:15 am!!

Q: Summertime

PAX: Glammy, Starcrunch, Nomad, Tater, Astro, Jolt, Mentor, Ranger, Defender, Gamecock, Badger, Pitch Perfect, Hawkeye, Bravo

Disclaimer: I am not a professionsal trainer

The thang:

Warm up: lap with shuffles and skips, slow burpees, deep lunges, inch worms, and push ups

20 second professions 5 rounds before 1 minute rest; 20 seconds between each round

  1. Squats, squats to calf raise, squat jumps
  2. reverse lunge right leg, isolates lunge, add hop
  3. same on left leg
  4. jack squat, squat touch, squat heel click
  5. reverse lunge, add hoo, lunge hops
  1. Curls, serves, curl and serve
  2. side to side plank (elbows, on hands, add push up
  3. shoulder press, upright row, sp to urr
  4. plank alt toe taps, plank jacks, plank walks
  5. bent over rows, flies, bor to fly

Countdowns –

10 push ups, 10 dips, one lap shuffling the sides

9 …8…7……1

  1. Lunge right, lunge to dead lift, add a squat
  2. same on left
  3. plank with heel click, squat with heel click, one of each
  4. squat right front kick, left, alternating
  5. plank shoulder taps, hip dips, one of each
  1. Russian twists, toe the boat, row to toe touch
  2. bicycles, high bicycles, high to low
  3. reverse crunch, knees in and out, reverse crunch with leg extension
  4. mom elbows pedal legs. Seated pedal, hands up
  5. hip raises, add a reverse crunch, hip raise to toe touch

Stretch/Inspiration: “Doing countless unnecessary activities will dissipate your energy.” Sarah Young-Jesus is Calling——As school starts back and life gets crazy, remember that we cannot do everything and put your focus on God and the people you love not the mundane errands and craziness of life.