Big Bertha AMRAP

When: Tuesday August 6, 5:15am at The Chapel, Lakeshore Park

Q: McQueen

PAX: Mentor, Diesel, Star Crunch, Ranger, 007, The Brit, Snapshot, Magnolia, Defender, Wildlife, Hawkeye, Nomad, Bravo, Gamecock and Pitch Perfect.

The Thang:  16 PAX of ladies joined McQueen on a humid Tuesday morning for one heck of a workout. After a 10 minute warm up consisting of practicing all the exercises the group jumped in, beginning with 100 high knees. We will feel this one for a few days for sure! The AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) routine was a mix of upper and lower body exercises mixed with burpees….lots of burpees. Of course there were options, hiccups or jumping jacks for those not as fond of burpees. The AMRAP (see image below) was 40 minutes, allowing all the ladies time to make it through once and many able to go through it almost twice…..great job!

09_2019 Big Bertha

Cool Down Stretch/Inspiration