Crazy 8s (Stations Workout)

Crazy 8 Workout:

Each PAX starts at a different station, completing the given exercise and amount at their own pace and running to the next station continue until time is complete.  

  • Station 1 – 20 Squats to Calf raises (Jump Squats)
  • Station 2 – 10 Burpees
  • Station 3 – 20 Bicep Curls
  • Station 4 – 15 Side Lying Leg Lifts (each side) (Increase the challenge by holding Side Plank while doing the Leg Lifts)
  • Station 5 – 20 V-Ups (with weight)
  • Station 6 – 20 Curtsy Lunges
  • Station 7 – 20 Skull Crushers (Carolina Dry Docks)
  • Station 8 – 15 Knee Tuck Twists (each side)

We had a Pax of 15 join us for a workout at your own pace. Shout out to Snapshot, Jukebox, Hawkeye, Summertime, AT, Wildlife, Glammy, The Duchess, The Brit, Gamecock, Bravo, Nomad, Astro, Pitch Perfect for joining Mentor for this workout!

We ended with a cool down song while we stretched – Follow You Anywhere and talked about the lyrics (below) . Do we really believe it is easy to trust God? Would we really follow Him anywhere? Is all we want – really only Him?

Follow You Anywhere Kristian StanfillPassion

You make it easy to love You
You are good and You are kind
You bring joy into my life
You make it easy to trust You
You have never left my side
You’ve been faithful every time

All I want is You
Jesus, all I want is You

You are the refuge I run to
You are the fire that leads me through the night
I’ll follow You anywhere
There’s a million reasons to trust You
Nothing to fear for You are by my side
I’ll follow You anywhere

Oh Jesus, You came to my rescue
Took my place upon that cross
You redeemed what I had lost
Now my whole world revolving around You
You’re the center of my life
You’re the treasure, You’re the prize

All I want is You
Jesus, all I want is You