Flippin’ Workout!

Q:Devon Dunehew (Gamecock)

When: August 22, 2019

PAX: 007, Astro, Bravo, Wildlife, Mentor, Defender, Memmaw, Ranger, The Brit, Hawkeye, Nomad, Magnolia, Tator, McQueen, Summertime,Jukebox, Gamecock

Disclaimer! I am not a trained professional!!! Use modifications as needed!

The Thang: 3 rounds of 10 exercises (with running/walking around the chapel in between rounds)
Round 1 : 60 seconds exercise on, 30 second rest x 10 exercises 

Round 2: 45 seconds exercise on, 20 second rest x 10 exercises

Round 3: 30 seconds exercise, 10 second rest x 10 exercises 

Each FiA girl will take a turn flipping a coin during rest times to determine the next exercise. Complete 10 quarter flips and 10 exercises per round!
 (Heads is a more-cardio version, and Tails a less-cardio version, of a similar exercise)

Jumping jacks/toe raises; mountain climbers/ shoulder taps; jump squats/ squats; Push-ups/ planks; Russian twists/ boats; burpees/ good mornings; Carolinas/ overhead press; Skaters/ deep side lunges; Triceps dips/ biceps curls; ups/wall sits
Run the Chapel between rounds, then start the next round!

Stretch/Inspiration: Psalm 121