The Hill Circuit Circle Drill

When: August 28th, 2019

Q: Pioneer

Pax: Gamecock, Astro, Tater, Summertime, Homestead, Wildlife, Jukebox, Ranger, Memaw, Magnolia, Mentor, Nomad, Duchess, Defender



3 circuits: one at the bottom of the hill, middle of the hill and top of the hill. Each circuit was completed twice in a row and then you made a circle back around. Exercises included: squats, lunges, push ups, shoulder raises, bicep curls, bicycles, Superman’s, curtsy lunges, donkey kicks, tri dips, triceps kickbacks, etc.


Inspiration: 2 Corinthians 4:16. When we tend to feel anxious, worried or afraid, go to the Lord and bathe those thoughts in the truth of what He has already promised and accomplished for us, eternal glory!