Labor Leg Day

When: 9/2/19

Where: The Anchor, Farragut

Q: 007 and Shiplap

Disclaimer: We are not trained Professionals. Stay at your own pace, modify when needed, and continue to strive 

PAX:  Tinsel, Scrubs, Rapking, Yee-Haw, Giant, Spike, Giant, Summertime, Hammer, Ranger, Jolt, Aussie, Mentor, Astro, Nomad, Stout, MoneyBags, Pioneer, Tumbler, Shiplap, Spark, WonderWoman, Spartan-2.0, Change Order, Lakelife, HotBuns, 007, FNG-Peaches

The Thang:

Session 1:

100 Jumping Jacks

50 High Knees

50 Skaters

100 Jumping Jacks

50 high Knees

50 Skaters

Session 2: (Run towards Hill, run loop)

Right-Side Lunge/Left-Side Lunge

50 Jumping Jacks

25 Jump Squats

25 Skaters


50 Jumping Jacks

25 Jump Squats

25 Skaters

RUN Down Hill

Session 3: (Go to Bridge for Bar Exercises)

50 Calf raises

50 Squat Thrusts

25 Right leg donkey kicks

25 Left Leg Donkey Kicks

RUN to start of workout session

Session 4:

Ring of Fire with 2 Medicine Balls

Sally- Wooden Mallet & Medicine Balls

Trail of Tears

COT: God’s Love-We are loved, accepted, and made right with God because we place our faith in Jesus Christ and the work He accomplished for us on the cross. “But God shows and clearly proves His love for us by the fact that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us. -Romans 5:8.

God Bless our sister Hop-Along and her beautiful family.

Namarama– Welcome FNG- Peaches