It’s Not a Lotta Tabata!!!!

September 3, 2019

PAX : Gamecock, Bravo, Summertime, Mentor, Tator, Nomad, Ranger, Diesel, Hawkeye, The Brit, McQueen, Glammy

DISCLAIMER- use modifications as needed.


The Thang:

-20 seconds on/10 rest x6 for each exercise ,  

  -4 different exercises/round for total of 3 rounds 

Round 1: 

-arm circles (clockwise alternating w/counter-)

-squats (wide alternating with narrow)



Run the chapel!

Round 2

-push ups alternating with planks

-side lunges


-mountain climbers 

Run the chapel!

Round 3

-biceps curls(reg alternating with thumb-up )

-step ups

-straight leg raises (on your back)/ flutter kicks 

-jumping jacks 

Cool down-

Read Psalm 103:8-18