Yee-Haw’s Deck of Cards

When: 9/30/19

Q: Yee-Haw

PAX: Lego, Giant, Fromage, Hop-Along, Shiplap, Stout


The Thang:

Each card in the deck represented a rep count & 2 different exercises. Each PAX pulled a card for us to do one at a time & chose the exercise they wanted to complete. After 5 cards had been pulled, we did 10 cadence jumping jacks. This cycle repeated until all cards in the deck had been completed.

Hearts – squats/crunches

Diamonds – burpees/mountain climbers

Spades – push ups/lunges

Clubs – jumping jacks/high knees

Cards 2-10 indicated number of reps to be completed.

Jack – 10 reps

Queen – 10 reps

King – 15 reps

Ace – 15 reps

Joker – 5 burpees

Stretch / Inspiration