When:  Wed, Oct 2, 2019

Q:  Hot Buns

Who:  Shiplap, Hop Along, Giant, Lady Vol

Disclaimer / Warmup

The Thang:  Set up 6 cones (cards 1-6 will be running suicides only).  After each suicide is completed, grab your bands and do 10 Lateral Pulls (pull w/elbow extended backwards for a back workout) in cadence.

Cards 7-A will be used for exercise reps. (J,Q,K = 15 A=20)

DIAMONDS:  Sit up extends w/weight (both legs and hands extend with weight in hand)  Add 10 extra reps to your card you pull.  If you pull an 8, do 18.  If you pull a queen, do 25, etc

HEARTS:  Peter Parkers (or tick tocks to modify)

SPADES:  Push Up or Tricep Extensions

CLUBS:  Squats w/weight

COT and Motivation