Candy calorie crusher


Pax – 12- At, 007, Diesel, Mentor, Astro, Tanger, Wildlife, Duchess, Glammy, Hawkeye, – FNG – Location!!

The Thang – warm up

  1. pick your poison workout – pick the candy YOU want to eat and work at your own

    10 of each – x 3

    Skaters with balance

    Skaters to single leg dead lift

    Skaters to front kick

    Skaters to reverse lunge front kick

    Skaters to single leg burpee

    10 of each x 2

    Single arm curl with one leg balance

    Single hammer curl with balance

    Single curl to overhead press with balance

    Switch arms

    Birth arms – curls

    Hammer curls

    Hammer curl to press

    10 of each – x3

    Squat jumps

    Lunge hops

    Squat jacks

    Lunge hops to squat


    3 of each x2





    Broad jumps

    10 of each x 2

    Push ups

    Plank up downs

    Carolina dry docks

    Shoulder taps

    Alternating side plank



Ab Finisher!