PAX: 180, Spark, Jolt, McQueen, FNG – Satire, Hoot, Snapshot, Ranger, Duchess, Summertime, Pioneer, 007, Tiger, Cinderella, FNG – Pink Lady, Yee-Haw, Glammy

Warm Up — 2 laps around the chapel

Set 1: (complete 10 reps of exercise 1 followed by 1 rep of exercise 2, then 9 and 2, etc until you complete 1 rep of exercise 1 and 10 of exercise 2)


Tricep dips 

—jog around chapel, sprint straight away—

Set 2:

Planks ups
Squat thrusters

—circle the small square facing the same direction, i.e. side shuffles, jog, side shuffle other direction, jog backward—

Set 3:

Squat jumps
Plyo lunges

—skip around chapel—

Set 4:

Bridge weight pull overs (straight-arm weight pull from behind your head to perpendicular)

Bent-over rows both ways (hands facing back and forward)


Inspiration — Matthew 11:28-30