Group HIIT Pyramids

When: 11/21/19

Where: The Chapel

Who: Pioneer (Q), 007, Nomad, Glammy, Mentor, Bravo, Gamecock, Luna

Disclaimer: not a trained professional, modify as needed

The Thang:

Warm up: skips, shuffles, and stretches.

We broke up into two groups and did a reverse up and down pyramid of 5 exercises.

Group 1: Jumping cross cross squats, jumping lunges, in and outs, overhead press, skaters (started with 1 rep of each, 2 reps –> 10reps)

Group 2: prisoner jumps, mountain climbers, reverse crunch, push up, star jumps.

Each group did both sets once through with light cardio in between.




~Loved starting my Thursday with you guys!