AMRAPs – Dora style

When: Saturday, December 7th, 2019

Q: Jolt

PAX: Rapking, 007, Diesel, McQueen, Summertime, Shiplap, YEE-HAW, Satire, Nomad, Snapshot, Mama Mia, Hawkeye, Shack, Ranger


The Thang: Three 10-minute AMRAP rounds, Dora-style. One partner AMRAPs while the other run a lap. Hills between AMRAP rounds. AMRAP #1 – 10 staggered squats each side, 10 side lunges each side, 10 plank jack combos; AMRAP #2 – 10 Bulgarian split-squats each side, 10 crouching tiger hidden planks w/ pushup, 10 single leg bridge dips on curb; AMRAP #3 – 10 frog jumps (5 forward/5 back), 10 sit-throughs, 10 single leg deadlifts

Stretch/Inspiration: 5 ways to be an optimist courtesy of Father Arthur, Sacred Heart Cathedral – 1. Focus on the possibilities, 2. Be persistent, 3. Seek help, 4. Pray constantly, 5. Get rid of negative influences (people and things).