Circuit sisters

Warm up long lap to stop sign and around both squares then Rudolph song-

Jog in place

Santa = push ups

Rudolph = burpee

Reindeer = squat jump

Christmas = jumping jack

3 circuits – 7 minutes each repeat 5 minutes second round

Cardio & Core –

Run small lap & complete 10 of each, then lap and 9 of each, try to finish all in 5 minutes-

Sit ups


Plank elbow to opposite knee

Upper body -10 of each-repeat for 5 minutes


Curl to shoulder press

Shoulder press

Tricep extensions



Bridge with chest flies

Run lap (option)

Lower body – move around small square

  1. Shuffle, side squats, shuffle, side squats
  2. Walking lunges, skips, walking lunges, skips
  3. Stationary-

15 goblet squats

15 sumo squat with calf raise

15 squats (heels on weights)

15 froggers with heels on weights

Together – last 3 minutes – Core, mobility, and strength- one minute each

Push up or plank with alternating leg under

Plank with knee drop and Alternating high lunge

Plank Sphinx to hands up