Dry, but sweaty!

PAX: Wildlife, Nomad, Defender, 007, Hawkeye, Bravo, Ranger, Jolt, Luna

The Thang: We kept dry due to the rain (mostly) holding off, but definitely did not leave dry! 🥵💪🏽🦵🏽

:30 of each (x2)
Jumping jacks, High knees, Butt kicks

:30 each (x2)
L Side plank
R Side Plank
Elbow to hand plank
Elbow plank hip dips
Plank crunch to opposite shoulder

Walking lunges with twist
10 Pulsing squat jump
Lateral lunge to small curtesy lunge
10 each leg – Backwards lunge into knee drive and calf raise

:30 (x3)
Tricep dips
Wall push ups
Bicep curls
Overhead triceps extension

Sustained calf raise squats

does anyone else read this and laugh to themselves?

^^^^ Well, I did this week. In my life, this season is definitely not calm, and most days would not be described as “bright.” Now, I know the song “Silent Night” is describing a scene in which “All [was] calm, all [was] bright” on that night of Jesus’ birth, but it’s so difficult for me to imagine such a state of life when our society is always on the move. I have asked and been asked dozens of questions about my plans for travel, if I’m done Christmas shopping, will family all be together, are you excited about the holidays, etc? These are genuine and welcomed questions, but I hope to encourage all of us to slow down, enjoy the season of advent and imagine what that calm, bright and silent night was like.

Merry Christmas FiA Family!