New Day in a New Year in a New Decade HiLT workout!

Set 1:  Run through Set,  Take Lap,   Repeat

30 Seconds Fast Feet

20 Squat, Lunge, Tuck Combo (10 each leg)

20 Mountain Climber Cadence (1, 2, 3 – 1;  1, 2, 3 – 2)

20 Pike Push Ups

20 Dolphin Tricep Push Ups

20 Total Body Crunches

20 Jumps Side to Side

20 Curtsy Lunges to Oblique Twist

10/10/10/10 Right Leg  Then Left Leg  (Flexed Foot Bicycle,  Pointed Toe Reverse Bicycle, Flexed Foot Stir the Pot,  Point Toe Reverse Stir the Pot)

Lap Between each Set

Set 2: Run through Set,  Take Lap,   Repeat

40 Seconds Each– Jumping Jacks,  Knee to Opp Elbow,  Reverse Plank, Dead Bugs (Reverse Bird Dogs)

Set 3: Run through Set,  Take Lap,   Repeat

45 Seconds Each – Plank,  Wall Sit,  Dead Lifts

Set 4: Run through Set,  Take Lap,   Repeat

60 Seconds Each – Bridge/Leg Lifts, Reverse Mountain Climber, Box Cutters

Speed Walk Long Lap before stretching to end.

Our Inspiration was “What 20 will you pursue in 2020?” You could make it a singular – I’m going to Q 20 times in 2020 or I’m going to exercise 20 days in each month of 2020. You could break it down into quadrants – Physical, Spiritual, Relational, Professional, Just for Fun and make 4 goals in each. You could choose 1 new thing each month =12 and have 8 other goals. When you reach for something, you will at least hit some or all, but when you reach for nothing, you will hit it every time! SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely Sometimes we need a Reset in the midst of survival and 2020 gives us a chance to Reset on this new day in a new decade in a new year! Make it a great day!