Sweaty Stations, Tabata-style!

When: January 14, 2020

Q: Jolt

Pax: Hawkeye, Ranger, AT, Wildlife, Glammy, Mentor, Summertime, Gamecock, Luna, McQueen, Bravo, Diesel, 007, Defender, Nomad


The Thang: 10 stations / 4 tabata rounds each (20 seconds on/10 seconds off) / 2 times through: wall balls/kettlebells, ab sprawls, pistols, plie squat hold with bicep curls, wide/narrow alternating straight leg push ups, thrusters, reverse plank with alternating leg raises, plie squat hold with tick tocks, supermans with heel beats, front plank with alternating leg raises.


Inspiration: With all of the negativity in this world it is sometimes difficult to see the good. It is there, just look for it!