Harry Potter and the Chapel Lakeshore FiA Workout

IMG_9469An incredible PAX of 11 joined me for my VQ! Thanks to Nomad, Jolt, Aria, Glammy, Diesel, Mentor, Memaw, Ranger, Defender, Bravo, & Gamecock for braving that 24-degree morning for a Harry Potter-themed workout!

The Thang:

Long lap to warm up.

Chapter One: Legs & Core

  1. Sirius Black’s Squats (add weights, a pulse, or calf raise)
  2. Victor Krum’s Bulgarian Split Squats (10 each side) (add weights)
  3. Severus Snape’s Step-Ups (10 each side) (add weights)
  4. Barty Crouch’s Crunches (sit-ups)
  5. Remus Lupin’s Russian Twists (20 each side) (add weights)
  6. Rita Skeeter’s Reverse Crunches
  7. Weasley’s Wizard Wall Sits (45 seconds)

Luna’s Lap: Sprint on the sides of the square parallel to the Chapel. Walking lunges on the perpendicular sides.

Chapter Two: Arms

  1. Peeves the Poltergeist’s Push-ups (diamond, knees)
  2. Professor Trelawney’s Tricep Dips (or extensions)
  3. Row-ena Ravenclaw Bent-Over Rows
  4. Oliver Wood’s Overhead Presses (add a squat)
  5. Albus Dumbledore’s Dumbbell Curls (add a squat)
  6. Dobby’s Dry Docks
  7. Seamus Finnegan’s Shoulder Taps (20 each side) 

Luna’s Lap

Chapter Three: Cardio, et al

  1. Professor Flitwick’s Flies 
  2. Professor McGonagall’s Mountain Climbers (20 4-count cadence)
  3. Hermione’s High Knees (20 4-count cadence)
  4. Professor Binns’s Butt Kicks 
  5. Lee Jordan’s Jumping Jacks 
  6. Bathilda Bagshot’s Bridge Flies
  7. Voldemort’s V-ups

Luna’s Lap

We can’t let Voldemort have the last word, so we finished with Harry Potter’s Happy Jacks

But wait! We still had time, so we repeated Chapter One and finished with a long lap & stretches.

COT: Don’t worry about all the steps, just being. We often feel anxious worrying about disaster around the next turn, only to discover balloons when we arrive.