Dirty Dozen HIIT

Where: Chapel

Q: Pioneer

PAX: Nomad, Jolt, Luna, Mentor, Ranger, Memaw, Duchess, AT, Hawkeye, Wildlife, Defender

Disclaimer/Warm up

12 exercises, 12 reps each, repeat as many times as we can (low impact and advance options available)

1. Squat with overhead press

2. Reverse lunge with weights or pass through

3. Side lunge with squat

4. Plank shoulder tap

5. Side shuffle

6. Bent over reverse fly

7. Frog hop with backwards shuffle

8. Skaters

9. Mtn climbers

10. Air tow taps

11. Plank ups

12. Star squat jumps

Cool down/stretch

Inspo: Your past doesn’t define you, good or bad! You can’t change it. Learn from it, grow from ip, then get up and start a new day today. You also don’t know and can’t control your future, it has yet to happen and we are not promised it. Often the future looks differently than we dream or imagine anyways so why worry about it today!? Burn whatever ship you are holding onto from the past and stop obsessing about tomorrow. Live today. Love God, love others and work hard TODAY. So love you ladies!


Happy Thursday sisters!