Move it!

  • When: January 25, 2020
  • Q: Jolt
  • PAX: Wildlife, Diesel, Satire, Girl Scout, Turtle, Glammy, Shiplap, Hoot, ZuZoo, Memaw, Xena, Aria, Ranger, Summertime, Cinderella, Package, Preceptor, Snapshot, McQueen, Nomad
  • Disclaimer
  • The Thang: We moved through the park and used two different parking lots and a big, nasty hill for this workout.  It was split into three blocks: curb work, a figure 8, and hills. 

Curb work: Run laps around the parking lot, stopping at each curb “station” to complete the following exercises: spider push-ups, squats with one foot elevated & mountain climbers.  Then in was on to parking lot #2 for the figure 8:

We finished with hills, running each with the following variations: alternate between skipping and running at each light post, side shuffle/run switching at each light post.

  • Stretch
  • Inspiration: I hope you were inspired to conquer your day like you conquered this extra long workout!
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