Reverse Pyramid get it hot!

Saturday FiA workout –

Warm up long lap with squares and. to the stop and down to parking lot near baseball field and bathrooms.

Dynamic warm ups-down and jog back

High knees

Butt kicks

Knee pulls

Toy soldiers

Shuffles – 2x

Squat walks-2x

Lunge walks

Walking single leg dead lifts


1/2 speed

3/4 speed

Full sprint

Jog back

Dozens- each time add one exercise – cut off when everyone is close to being finished – if you finish early – do finisher see below

1 Sprint across parking lot and back

2 burpees

3 star jumps

4 broad jump, crab walk back (end of Mat)

5 rock bottom squat to a lunge (each side)

6 push ups

7  sit up punch (with weights optional)- each 8 curtsy lunge with front arm raise – total #

9 renegade rows – each side

10 bad boy skaters (with weights) – each side

11 deadlift to upright row

12 man makers – push up, row, row, squat, curl, press


Shuffle small square

25 crunches

Skip small square

25 reverse crunches

Jog small square

25 sit ups

Walk until done or jog (your choice)

Mobility stretching to finish