100% chance of Squats (And Rain)

When: 13 February 2020


PAX: Mentor, Wildlife, River, Hawkeye, Luna, Lightening, Diesel,

warm up: 10 reps of regular squats, wide squats, And sumo squats. Then 10 reps of arm circles, clockwise and counter clockwise.

The Thang: 5 stations. 12 reps of each exercise. Get through as many sets as possible in 3 minutes. 1 minute rest. Rotate.

Bridges, Side plank dip x2, Elbow to hands
Lateral raise, Front raise, Shoulder press, External rotation
Curtsey lunge x2, SL RDL x2
Squat pulse, Lunge pulse x2, Sumo squat
Bicep curl, Tricep extension, Rows, Reverse fly

Inspiration: When the weather is gloomy and rainy, work and home life are keeping you busy and you don’t have any time for yourself without neglecting some other aspect of life, stay disciplined! It’s so easy to push off a workout and ignore responsibilities. I have to remind myself that life isn’t easy, and instead of ignoring the not-so-positive emotions we all feel at times, I have to confront them while honoring my commitment to a healthy lifestyle, work, family/friends, etc.

The sun will shine again. Until then, Stay disciplined. Honor your commitments. Do the best you can. You are not alone!

Titus 1:8

Paul talking about characteristics of an elder…“Rather, he must be hospitable, one who loves what is good, who is self-controlled, upright, holy and disciplined.“