HIIT those high notes!

When: February 18, 2020

Q: Aria

PAX: Mentor, Luna, Hawkeye, AT, Diesel, Summertime, Jolt, Lightning, Glammy

Warm up: long jog around the chapel, 10 reps of active hamstring stretch, jumping jacks, side lunge, and buttkicks in cadence, followed by scissor kick shoulder rotations 10 forward and 10 backwards, ending with a long run around the chapel

The Thang: 3 circuits containing 4 exercises, 3 rounds each, 30 secs each exercise with 30 sec rest at the end of the round followed by a run at the completion of each circuit

Circuit 1: jump squats, mountain climbers, skaters, pulse lunges (long run @ completion) Circuit 2: suicides, push ups, smurf jacks, plank taps (long run @ completion) ; Circuit 3: high knees, superwomen, star jump burpees, rowboats (long run @ completion). STRETCH

Inspiration: I had us start in our warm-up in the circle and end with stretching in the circle, so we can look around and see the faces of our FiA sisters, recognizing that we are all different ages and come from different walks of life, but it’s the circle that unites us. I started thinking about my first FiA workout and why I keep coming back. It’s the ladies, the spirit, the circle, and what the circle represents. Circles represent oneness, unity, and strength. In this circle I feel a sense of unity and strength, coming together as one for a workout–  being courageous, fearless, and opening our minds, being present together during grueling workouts. It’s special. Then looking at the center of the circle, it’s open. Open to possibilities and growth, but what if we think of God at the center. I believe God is at the center of our circle pulling our hearts closer together each workout giving us strength together and strength to keep going when we leave and go about our day. None of us our alone. Even if we walk out of this workout alone, we have our FiA circle and God as the ultimate circle. As a great philosopher said, “God is an infinite sphere, the center of which is everywhere, the circumference nowhere.”