Cardio core circuit

Cardio core-45 seconds each, 15 second rest and move to next station (10 stations)


2-Single leg burpees

3-Burpee with heel click (in plank and standing)

1-Plank weight move

2-Plank walk mountain climbers (hi & lo)

3-plank alternating toe touch

1-Wacky jacks (elbows to knees)

2-Seal jacks

3-Cross over jacks

1-Alt lunge one weight (shoulders back)

2-Power squat knee to opposite elbow

3-weighted squat jack (one weight)

Cone to cone


2-broad jump high knees back

3-sprint forward and back

1-Banana rolls

2-Cherry bombs

3-reach over opposite shoulder (bridge)

1-Push up knee tuck (dynamic or single leg)

2-Inch worm push ups with squat jump

3-Push up, row, to side planks – alternating

1-Donkey kick ups

2-Beast walk forward and backward

3-Roll back to stand

1-Jump rope

2-jump rope

3-jump rope

1-Boat shoulder press

2-Boat curls

3-Boat figure 8 with weight

1-ladder drills

2-ladder drills

3-ladder drills

1-push up to child’s pose

2-push up to down dog

3-push up to beast mode

1-squat to toe raise (arm swing)

2-squat jump with arm swing

3-baby squat jumps

Run one lap

Rest one minute- review next round and water

Stretch and inspiration – song “Count Me In” by Switch