Opposites Attack!

Q- Gamecock, PAX- Glammy, Summertime, Lightning, Danger, Canvas, Bravo, Jolt

Disclaimer- I am not a trained professional- modify as needed and go at your own pace!

The Thang:

Run the Chapel- both squares!

(60 seconds on, 15 off between exercises)

Pushups- plank kicks

Crunches- reverse crunch with leg lift 

Fire hydrants up- fire hydrants down

Sumo squats- narrow squat pulse

Overhead press- straight arm drop downs 

Run the Chapel- both squares!

Ticktocks- standing crunch with opposite leg

Mountain climbers- bridge with arm press

Forward lunge-backward lunge

Tri kickbacks- biceps curls

Step ups-

Run the Chapel- both squares!

Skaters- forward jacks

Donkey kicks- planks with arm raise

Side hops- forward/backward hops 

Russian twists- sit-ups 

Straight leg march – Good Mornings

Cool down 

Inspiration- Luke 11:13 – so encouraging to hear the promises of the gift of the Holy Spirit! Let us pray for that!