Fitnessista Strength & Cardio Tabata

Warm Up:   Toy Soldiers x 10,  Windmills x 10,  Good Mornings x 10,  Simulated Jump Rope 30 Sec.


Dead Bugs x 30 Total

Lunge Upright Row x 10  (Right)

Plie Squat Overhead Press x 15

Lunge Bicep Curl x 10 (Left)

Alt Arnold Press x 10 Each

Single Leg Deadlift x 10 Each

Tricep Dips w/ Leg Lifts x 20

X Abs x 30 Total

Diagonal Birddogs x 30 Total

Kettlebell Swings w/ weight x 15

Tabata – 20 Seconds on,  10 Second Rest (Total 4 minutes – 8 sets)

Jump Squats

Jumping Jacks

High Knees or Burpees

Butt Kickers

2 Rounds = 4 Minutes Total

Cool Down:   40 Sec Plank,  30 Sec Side Plank (Left),  30 Sec Side Plank (Right),  40 Sec Back Plank 

REPEAT from the Top

Thank you to a Pax of 7 who joined Mentor for a sweaty workout this morning!
McQueen, Luna, Ranger, Rouge, Defender, 007

Our Inspiration today was reflecting on 2 books that Mentor’s team is reading through and discussing at work – The 5 Dysfunctions of a Team & The Ideal Team Player by Patrick Lennoici. Teamwork is a Choice and the foundation of teams is Trust. You can’t buy in to what the team is reaching for without the ability to trust one another enough to say how you feel respectfully and feel heard and challenge one another in growth. The 3 keys of an Ideal Team Player which help you work as a team are being Hungry, Humble, & Smart. As I was reflecting on this, I started thinking about the family of God, and am I Hungry in the morning to spend time in God’s Word and with Him? Am I able to recognize and embrace my strengths and keep accountable for my weaknesses? Am I growing in getting to know my brothers and sisters in Christ and loving them well? growing in my love for them? How about you? How are you doing in those areas?