Warm Up: Run Long lap and stretch

The Thang: 20 seconds each 3 different exercises; 20 seconds rest

Jacks-squat jacks-star jumps
Push up knee knee-push up knee-push ups
Reverse lunge-lunge hop together-lunge hops
Crab Walks up and back-add 2 dips-add 4 kicks
Run long lap

R Reverse lunge L front kick- add touch – pick up pace (Charleston)
Curls-curl to serve-serves
Lunge/kick Switch sides
Rows-flies-Rows to flies
Run long lap

Squat push up-add a jump-chest to ground burpee
R side lunge – add knee- add hop
Mtn climbers, wide leg climbers, drunk climbers
L side lunge-add knee-add hop
Run long lap

R leg oblique knee-add squat-wacky jacks
Right shoulder press, left shoulder press, both
L leg oblique knee-add squat-wacky jacks
Squat arm throw-squat jump-squat jump with touch down
Run long lap

Mobility and balance
30 seconds each side
Squat good morning squat up
Lunge – airplane -turn? Down
R knee slow kick right knee down
L knee slow kick left knee down
Alternating 30 seconds each
Runners lunge plank runners lunge plank
Down dog plank super woman plank
Alternating High lunge twist
Walk out inch worm down dog plank back

Inspiration:  from Beth Moore’s Praying God’s Word Day-by-Day

“Pure appreciation for His presence emerges from the daily walk, perhaps in the mundane more than the miraculous.” – Find God’s presence in the little things (laughs, flowers, smiles, pets, rainbows).