Animal House Tabata Party

The Chapel – May 28, 2020

Q – Luna

PAX – McQueen, Mentor, Ranger, Cinderella, 007, Rogue, Canvas, AT, Defender

A beautiful PAX of 9 joined me for a Tabata workout that blasted our shoulders (among other things). We completed 18 different animal-themed exercises while listening to the Animal House soundtrack!

Warm Up: Long Lap + 15 arm circles forward + 15 arm circles backward + 20 good mornings


Tabata Style – 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off, alternate between the 2 moves in the set, for a total of 4 minutes. 1 minute rest between sets – Take a lap, grab water, keep moving! 

  1. Dolphin Push Ups (low plank position, rock back on elbows to raise booty to the sky)
  2. Beast Hold (high plank position, bring knees under hips and hold 3-4 inches off the ground. Hold for 20 seconds)
  1. Donkey Kicks L
  2. Donkey Kicks R
  1. Penguins
  2. Crab Jacks (in crab position, belly to the sky, jump legs out and in like a jumping jack)
  1. Crunchy Frogs (heels off the ground, crunch forward and bring knees in – like a V-up or boat hold crunch)
  2. Frog Squats (wide squat and touch the ground between your feet each time)
  1. Clam Shells L (lay on your left side, bend knees, raise ankles off the ground, open and close knees like a clam shell – works the inner thighs and core)
  2. Clam Shells R
  1. Alternating Scorpion Dry Docks (dry dock with one leg raised, swap legs throughout the 20 seconds)
  2. Spider Mans (mountain climbers, but bring your knees to the outside of your hands when you bring them forward)
  1. Dead Bugs (lay on your back and extend arms and legs, alternating sides)
  2. Sparky Crabs (crab position, toe touch opposite hand to opposite foot)
  1. Bird Dogs L (on hands and knees, extend opposite hand and opposite knee simultaneously, and bring back in)
  2. Bird Dogs R
  1. Inchworms (from standing, place hands flat on the ground at your feet, walk hands forward to plank, walk feet forward to hands, straighten, and repeat in reverse)
  2. Seal Jacks (jumping jacks with arms in front instead of overhead)