Princess Beast Workout

Don’t call me a PRINCESS workout

Tabata style workout 50 sec on 10 off (3 ROUNDS)

Warm up 3 3 minute ( not a trained professional, modify and explain the stations

Run one whole lap then start together

Station 1: Pocahontas Mountain Climbers

Station 2: Jasmine’s Russian Twists (with or without weights)

Station 3: Anna’s Side lunges (with or without weights)

Station 4: Anna’s wall sit (challenge…with weights or one legged)

Station 5: Superwoman

Station 6: Ariel’s squats

Station 7: Belle’s Beast Mode BURPEES!!!!

Station 8: Rapunzels Bicep curls

Station 9: Shoulder Taps

Station 10: Mulans High knees

Time permitting we will do abs

Plank jacks 20

Hip dips 20 total

Cris cross scissor (keep back on floor and hands under bum) 20 


Cool down and inspiration

Name-o-Rama and pic

Be Respectful 

To show respect to someone means that we esteem them. Even if we don’t agree with someone’s stance, we can still treat them respectfully. It’s not about feeling respect for them, but showing it to them.  Show love and grace!  

As followers of Jesus, we should set the standard for respect because of who Jesus is in our lives. He doesn’t force us to follow Him but died on the cross so we would. Let’s represent Him well as we come into contact with people who know Him and those who don’t. Let’s lovingly discuss with our fellow believers and also not expect non-Christians to act like Christians. As we show people respect in how we treat them, we can trust that God is working in the situation.

We had 10 beast beauties join in the fun!