Hit the Trails

Roll Call: Nomad, Jolt (and her 2.0s), Lego, Shiplap, Hot Buns, Rapking (Q), Fromage


  • Arm Circles
  • 20 Calf Raises
  • 10 Good Mornings

The Thang

We utilized the woods and made stops at each one to take advantage of what nature had to offer us.

Stop #LocationActivity
1Entrance to woods, on the rightBox jumps or step-ups (1:30)
2Circle spaceSally
3HillSquat walks down, walk up (1:30)
4Trail to next areaLunges (1:30 or until destination)
5Open area with treesWall sit against tree (1:00)
6Area with cut treesPush-ups (1:30)
7Area with two benchesChoice of tri-cep dips or Standing side crunch (1:30)
8GrassMountain climbers or full plank (1:00)


Walk back and stretch


Don’t expect what you don’t communicate.

All things in 2020 are controversial right now. This is not just the year about how people feel, it’s about if and how we communicate those feelings.

For example, everyone feels different about Corona. While one person may prefer to measure themselves exactly 6 feet apart from you, another person may prefer a hug. It depends on who they are and what your relationship to them may be. The things is, we didn’t really know who each other was until this happened. So be sure to communicate that with your friends and co-workers – even at businesses and in the public. Ask what they want and what makes them feel most comfortable before assuming and ruining a good moment.