Burn Baby Burn

June 13, 2020

Q: 180

PAX: Dutchess, Ranger, Mentor, Jolt, Dig (FNG), McQueen, Summertime, Aria, Luna

Disclaimer – I am not a professional. I workout for fitness, fun, and fellowship with this ULTRA fine group of women.

The Thang: Awesome workout today! 9 of us gathered to sweat to 70s tunes in a HIIT style workout with weights, cardio. Smiles and great attitudes all around. I may have to “amp” my game next time. These women are beasts! 60/20 HIIT consisted of Glutes: Mountain climbers with jump, Weighted squat lunge, runners lunge with kick, Sumo/skier squats w/pulse (R&L); Legs/Thighs: Alternating side leg kicks, sitting squat with arm extension, sumo/ski squat jack, single leg dead lifts; Arms: Seal jacks, knee up w/shoulder press, forward row, bicept curl; Abs/Core: Exaggerated tick-tocks, never surrenders, high knees with alternating ankle taps, weighted wood choppers.

Stretch/Inspiration: Today we focused on being more loving toward others during stressful (i.e., “recent/Covid 19 times). We drew inspiration from Corinthians 13: 4-8. Core principals include being patient and kind to others and keeping no records of wrongs. This scripture reminds us that love is not self-seeking. “(It)always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.”

Name-O-Rama: Our FNG today was April, a dance and soccer enthusiast, aka “Dig.” We’re prepping her to be the next Q. I think she’ll be back, hopefully 🙂