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Summer Arms/Legs AMRAP @FiAKnoxville

Date: June 17, 2020; Q: Nomad; PAX: Salsa, Hocus Pocus, Giant, Thriller, Rapking, HopAlong

Disclaimer: I am not a trained fitness professional; I just like to boss people around. Workout at your own pace and modify if needed!

ROUND 1 AMRAP 8 min –  10  Superwomen, 10  Hammer Curls, 10  Bent Over Rows, 10  Reverse Flies, 10  Upright Rows

1 Minute Plank Jacks

ROUND 2 AMRAP   7 minutes10 Lunges – in place or walking (10 each leg), 10       Smurf Jacks, 10 Single Leg Dead Lifts with weights, 10 Donkey Kicks,

Wall sit 1.30

 ROUND 3 AMRAP 5 minutes 10  Tricep Extensions in a Squat, 10 Lateral raises (and Calf Raise), 10 Front Raises (Hello Shoulders!)

 THE FINISHER 1 min each (no break) Russian Twists, Box Cutters, Bridge

Fia 6.17.20