Bieber Fever

Disclaimer – I am not a professional.  Modify as needed.

Warm up – run and dynamic stretching

The Thang: Each Bieber song contains a different mini workout (alternating between cardio and strength.

Cardio – 10 of each (Intentions – 3:33)

Shuffles, Squat Jumps, Hiccups, Run/Walk and repeat

Lower Body – 10 of each (Friends 3:09)

DB Swings, Goblet Squats, Narrow Squats, Goddess Squats Squat alternating Oblique Knee Lifts

Cardio – Forever (3:39)

Run/Walk Down 10 curb taps; repeat

Lower Body – 10 each side – What Do You Mean? (3:26)

Pendulum Lunge, Side lunge with leg raise, lunge kicks, lunge pulses, lunge pulse hops

Cardio – Beauty and the Beat 3:48

Skip Down, Walk/Jog back

Upper Body (10 Each) Love Yourself (3:53)

Upright Rows, Shoulder Press, Flies, Kickbacks, Rows

Cardio – 10 each side  (I Don’t Care 3:48)

High Knees, Mountain Climbers, Jacks, Wide Leg Climbers, Run/Walk

Upper Body – (Boyfriend 2:51)

5 inchworms to 3 push ups, 5 crab walks forward – 5 dips crab walk back 5 dips

Cardio – All Around the World 4:05

Run/Walk – 10 squats or squat jumps

Core – 10 each

Weighted tick tocks, weighted airplane crunch, vsit, hollow rocks

Stretch & Inspiration – 

Find something that keeps you grounded but also keeps your eyes on God (examples:  sunrise, sunset, doughnuts, FiA sisters)