When you combine a Giant Jenga backyard game with blocks of the same size that list various exercises, you have the building blocks (ba-dum-chhhh) of FiA Jenga!

PAX: 007, Hawkeye, Canvas, AT, Aria, Dutchess, Ranger, Mentor, McQueen, Sunrise

Q: Luna

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional. Modify as needed.

Warm up: arm circles forward & backward, good mornings, toy soldiers

Tha Thang: We used my “Q Blocks” and some blank blocks from our Giant Jenga yard game to stack a Jenga Tower (rows of 3 blocks, each row stacked perpendicular to the one below it). The Q Blocks all have 2 exercises on them. On your turn, pull a block, and choose from the 2 exercises, then stack the block back on top. The PAX completes 10 reps of the exercise, and the next person comes forward to play. Blank blocks are cardio: run a short chapel lap, or do 10 reps of cardio of your choice. Ranger had us doing weighted arm exercises on her turns! Anything goes. When the tower falls, everyone does 10 burpees. Rebuild the tower and play again!

Cool Down: 1-min plank, 1-min wall sit, 30-sec plank, 30-sec wall sit, stretch.

Inspiration: We all face giants in our lives. In fact, we NEED giants in our lives! Giants allow God to show up and show off. Whatever giant you are facing, know that God is bigger!