Saturday, June 27, 2020

When: 6/27/20; Q: Jolt; PAX: Aria, Canvas, Luna, 007, McQueen, 180

Disclaimer: I am not a training professional. Go at your own pace and modify if needed.

The Thang: 5-minute AMRAP rounds, DORA style (partner 1 runs while partner 2 completes exercises, most of which involve the parking lot curbs), with a long, nasty hill run between each round. Round 1: Squat with one foot up on curb (5x each side), 10 plyometric mountain climbers; Round 2: 4x spider push-up, 5x dips, 4x plank walk; Round 3: plyometric Bulgarian split-squat (5x each side), 10x quick step each side; Round 4: Reverse plank w/ leg raises 4x, side plank 3x each side, front plank w/ leg raises x4.

Inspiration: Everything is good when it looks to Him and bad when it turns from Him. -C.S. Lewis