Banded Together


Q: Glammy

Pax: Canvas, Ranger, 007, Dig, Hawkeye, Sunrise, Luna, and McQueen.



Bend over and touch toes. Hang for a few seconds. Stretch out back and legs well. Slowly rise back up. Stretch arms.

-10 Deadlifts (no weights)

-20 Good Mornings

-30 Jumping Jacks

Lap around Chapel

The Thang:

(Split into small groups. Take your own band with you to each station set up. If you do NOT have a band, there are a few extras, and we have Clorox wipes to wipe them down afterwards. If you prefer not to use a band or there aren’t enough, each exercise we do can be done with just the movement or with weights. I will tell what the modification is.)

Stay at each station until the time is up. We will work together at each station on a Tabata style workout. There are 3 stations total, each with 2 exercises. We will do 45 seconds of work, with 15 seconds of rest, and repeat 6 times and then move to the next station. 

When we are finished with these 3 stations, we will run or walk a lap, then all come back together and do a booty band workout on our mats. 

BAND 1- “The Legs”

1) (Put band around ankles and stay in a low squat) Crab walks side to side- walk out each side 3 times each

 *modify* Regular Crab walks with no band

2) (Put band up above knees around thighs) Wall sit with thigh thrusters

*modify* regular wall sit

BAND 2- “The Gun Show”

1) (Loop band around post) Lat Pulls

*modify* weighted rows

2) (Wrap band around your back, holding ends with each hand, have more tension with one side) Punches- (Switch sides each turn, so remember which side you did last)

*modify* Regular or weighted punches

BAND 3- “The Six Packers”

1) (Loop band around post. Hold BOTH ends of band in hands). Squat position RIGHT side, Stay as planted and still as you can, only moving your arms and torso and pull the band to the right side.

2) Do exact same thing- LEFT side

*modify* Same thing with a dumbbell

Run Lap/ Come back together

BAND 4- “Georgia Peaches”

All laying on mats/ All of these are done with bands around ankles. *modify* done without band.

1) Right side leg raises

2) Right side kick backs

3) Left side leg raises 

4) Left side kick backs

Bent over rows with bands- 30 seconds on, 5 seconds rest x 4

Run lap with lunges down sides of Chapel squares

Cool down/Stretch:

Incorporate bands into stretching. 


Matthew 17:20 Jesus said, “ Truly I tell you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, “Move from here to there,” and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you.” 

Mustard Seed faith!! I often get so wrapped up in things, and get so discouraged trying to “micromanage” God. I am just being completely transparent and honest. I think if I can just do this or do that this way or maybe if I pray for this need, and have the faith, but yet I still try to figure it out on my own sometimes. Then I am over here thinking, well I don’t have enough faith. I need this GIGANTIC faith for this situation and it will happen. NO! Mustard seed Fatih is all we need. And this song has been on repeat this last week for me. Just remember that no matter what you’re going thru, all He asks of us is to have mustard seed faith. And believe it to be.