Backblasts, The Chapel

1776 AMRAP

A beautiful PAX of 9 (and the cutest puppy you’ve ever seen!) joined me for a patriotic workout to kick off Independence Day!

PAX: 007, Jolt, Ranger, Cinderella, Duchess, McQueen, Sunrise, Summertime, Package

Q: Luna

Disclaimer: I am not a trained professional. Modify as needed. AMRAPs mean you are free to set your own pace. Slow it down when you need to. Stop for water regularly.

Warm-up: Happy Birthday America Burpees

The Thang: For the duration of each song listed, rotate through the specified reps of each exercise. Add in a short run as you wish.

“Born in the USA” -Bruce Springsteen
1 Star Jack
7 Pendulum Lunges R
7 Pendulum Lunges L
6 Squats

“American Woman” -Lenny Kravitz
1 Star Burpee
7 Box Cutters
7 Plank Shoulder Taps
6 Mountain Climbers

“The Remedy” -Jason Mraz
1 Star Plank Jack
7 Standing Side Crunches L
7 Standing Side Crunches R
6 Good Mornings

“Firework” -Katy Perry
1 Star Jack
7 Arnold Presses L
7 Arnold Presses R
6 Dry Docks

“4th of July” -Fallout Boy
1 Star Burpee
7 Tricep Extensions
7 Overhead Triceps
6 Superwomans (Superwomen??)

“Independent Women” -Destiny’s Child
1 Plank Jack
7 Lat Raises Front
7 Lat Raises Side
6 Goblet Squats

“Independence Day” -Martina McBride
1 Star Jack
7 Wood Choppers L
7 Wood Choppers R
6 Squat Thrusters

“Party in the USA” -Miley Cyrus
1 Star Burpee
7 Single Leg Dead Lifts L
7 Single Leg Dead Lifts R
6 Curls

“R.O.C.K. in the U.S.A.” -John Mellencamp
1 Star Plank Jack
7 X-crunches L
7 X-crunches R
6 Russian Twists

Inspiration: Sometimes reading familiar passages from Scripture in a translation or paraphrase you don’t usually use can help you glean something new. Read Psalm 23 from The Message. Also, Polly, the world’s cutest puppy, is inspiration all on her own!