This Hiit is Lit

Warm Up – Long jog around chapel, stop sign, and dynamic warm up in lower parking lot (high knees, butt kicks, knee pulls, tin soldiers)

The Thang:  4 rounds 45 seconds on and 15 seconds rest – long lap after each round

Squat cross body press

Push up pop squat

cross-country skier to lunge hop

plank weight move

squat to lunge hop

row to fly

single arm clean to lunge press

Inspiration – There are a lot of things to be angry about right now.  People are driving us nuts with their opinions on the pandemic, the media, the politics – however, let us not lose sight that we are all precious in God’s eyes.  Try to remember what it is about your neighbors, coworkers, friends that you love and try to see each person through God’s eyes and not your own.