Anchor July 14

Dog Days of Summer

Q: Hot Buns

Pax: Shiplap, Mad Dog, Thriller, Nene, Hop Along, Lakelife, Nomad, Package

Disclaimer / Warm Up


3 sets / 1 (20 sec) exercise w/a 10 sec kicker (repeat 3 times)

With weight

Pulse Squat (20 sec) into Jump squat with weight (10 sec)

Side Stepping Squat (20) into lateral jump squats (10 sec)

Backward Stepping lung (weight to chest, twist torso in opposite direction as forward leg), into plyo lunge (10 sec)

Set 2

3 min each, 2 exercises for 30 sec alternating until 3 min is up.

inchworm into push up / Mtn Climbers

Reverse leg pulse (kicking foot up to sky) / Frog Squats (Plank jumping both legs into a frog position)

Marching Glute Bridge / Straight Leg sit up

Static deep squat / Bent over I’d & T’s

Plank / crunches w/ weight

COT / Namrama