The Chapel

Block-Bench Stations at The Chapel

A beautiful PAX of 10 joined me for a block-bench station workout at The Chapel! Thank the Lord the fans were on – it was a WARM morning! But these beauties worked hard all around the benches at The Chapel with our full body workout!

PAX: Sunrise, Canvas, Super Woman, FNG Keys, Aria, Rogue, Atomic, Mentor, Dig, Ranger

Q: Luna

Warm-up: Jacks, high knees, butt kickers, and a quick tour of the stations

The Thang:

Chapel: 20 each Box Cutters, Penguins, V-ups (on your own mat)
Station 1: 20 skaters per side
Station 2: 10 shoulder taps per side on bench
Imperial Walkers down one side of the square; run to the next bench
Station 3: 15 split squats per side on bench
Station 4: 10 Diamond (or regular) pushups on bench
Station 5: 15 dead lifts
Station 6: 15 squat-curl-presses
Station 7: 15 Tic-Tocs
Station 8: 10 Peter Parker/Fire Hydrants
Power Skip around the square to the next bench
Station 9: 20 tricep dips on bench
Station 10: 10 step ups per side on bench

Rinse & repeat

Cool down: 1-minute wall sit, 1-minute plank (add hip dips to up the difficulty), stretching

Inspiration: This is going to be a weird time to go back-to-school. Send a note/letter gushing about how much you love someone who is heading back to school: kids, teachers, parents, cafeteria workers, administrators – ALL OF THEM! (I provided cards for us to take home, no excuses!)