Jack and Jill

OTB @ The Valley

PAX: McQueen, Mentor, Dig, Snapshot, 007, FNG Trek

Q: Canary

Warm-up (3 mins)


(Tabata 45s work/15s rest)

*** 3 rounds ***

J – Jumping Jacks

A – Arm front/side raises (light weights)

C – Crab walk / Crawl

K – Kick backs / Knee to elbow

A – Around-the-world Burpees

N – Narrow push-ups 

D – Down and back sprints

J – Jump squats 

I –  In & Outs

L – Lunges w/overhead press (light weights)

L – Leg lifts 

Pail Carry (filled with weights): Split into 2 groups and form 2 lines (across from each other). One girl will carry 2 buckets to the other side, then handoff to next girl in line. Meanwhile, Everyone does one exercise (i.e. plank, squats, jumping jacks, etc) continuously until each girl has a turn to carry buckets.

Cool Down

Inspiration: Live boldly! 

2 Tim 1:7  For God gave us a SPIRIT not of fear but of POWER and LOVE and SELF-CONTROL.