The Bangles – All Over the Place

AO: The Chapel

A large PAX of FiA sisters came out to The Chapel for a full body, Bangles inspired workout. It was humid and tough, but we all helped each other by taking turns counting reps! AND we welcomed another FNG, Runway, representing our younger generation!

PAX: Luna, McQueen, Jolt, Dig, Mentor, FNG Runway, Sunrise, Ranger, 007, Canvas, Starlord, Superwoman, Defender, Atomic, & Rogue

Q: Aria

The Thang:

Music: The Bangles, Album: All Over the Place

Active Stretching: march, shoulder rotations- forward and backward, arms side to side, narrow squats + stretch up, march shoulder rolls forward and backward, plie squat, plie squat with a twist, march + neck rotations, hip openers- out and in

Square cardio: Run a big lap, face in upright jack shuffle, face out upright jack shuffle, face in squat shuffle, face out squat shuffle, high knees, butt kicks

Cardio/Strength/Core: 3 rounds each– Set 1: 12 jump squats, 20 mountain climbers– Set 2: 12 bent over rows, 20 skaters– Set 3: 20 narrow high jumps, 12 bicep to overhead press– Set 4: 10 burpees, 12 lunges each leg– Set 5: 12 tricep extensions, 20 high knees– Set 6: 20 russian twists w/ weight, 20 superwomans– Set 7: Bridge hold for 20 sec, 10 pulses

Cool Down Stretch Focused on Breath

Inspiration: Communication is so important, especially between women. We come to FiA to work together and build each other up.

Proverbs 16:24 Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. So let’s spread some kind words to your FiA sisters before leaving today.