Standing Core Blast

08/04/20 at The Anchor

Roll Call: Shiplap, Hocus Pocus, Hop Along, Rapking (Q), Lake Life, Package, Fromage, Micro, Nomad, Meatball (2.0), Mad Dog, Lady Vol

Warm-up: Arm circles, reach across, 10 good mornings, :30 of high knees

The Thang
We did three rounds of the board with a timer, :40 on, :20 rest and di 1:00 rest between each round. The lunges and squats were just a way to give the core a break.

  • Standing core stabilizer
  • Overhead pendelum
  • Windmills
  • Lunges
  • Side dips
  • Woodchop
  • Lunge with twist
  • Squats
  • Knee tuck extension (left side)
  • Knee tuck extension (right side)
  • Bow extension
  • Cool-down with stretches

Inspiration comes from this. It reminds me 100% of how I feel about this incredible group of ladies. You could consider me to be an awkward, dry, sarcastic, maybe even obnoxious kind of person, but this group has no judgment and I know they love me just the way I am! You can’t find that just anywhere! Thank you ladies for giving me a place and time of acceptance.