Saturday Sweat Session

img_0908Saturday workout-
Warm up- jog/walk to the new overlook area
Stretch during directions
10 minutes-
Run/walk up the steps
10 squats
10 step ups
10 calf raises on curb
Jog/walk around and down
Walking lunges to the stairsReverse directions
10 minutes
Jog walk back down to chapel

While waiting, hold plank, continue jogging or walking

Back at chapel-
Arm burner: 45 seconds-15 seconds rest
Upright row – R L L R, L R R L
Lateral raises (bent or straight) – same format
Shoulder press- same format
Curls – same format
Kickbacks- same format

Core blast – 45 seconds-15 rest
Boat – right leg, left leg, left, right
Plank up downs – R L L R. L R R L
Leg drops – same format

Head up, feet up, feet down, head down

Inspiration – one thing that has really made you smile or laugh this week. Hold on to those things.