Backblasts, The Anchor


When: August 12, 2020

Where: The Anchor

Q: Nomad

PAX: Tiger, Shiplap, Package, Fromage, Froyo, 2.0s Meatball, Gymnast, Puzzles & Unicorn

DisclaimerI am not a trained fitness Professional. Stay at your own pace, modify when needed, and continue to strive.

The Thang: Roll a 12 Sided Fitness Die

Warm Up – Windmills, Toy Soldiers, Side Lunges, Jumping Jacks

15 Push Ups

20 Burpees

15 Tuck Jumps

15 Jump Squats

30 Russian Twists

1-minute wall sit

30 Mountain Climbers

15 Side Planks x 2 (Each Side)

30 Bicycle Crunches

20 Tricep Dips

15 Jump Lunges

End with 10 minutes of Yoga

Inspo: Six Reasons Why You Should Trust God:

  1.  He knows you by name. Isaiah 43:1
  2. He has plans for you. Jeremiah 29:11
  3. He thinks about you. Psalms 139:17
  4. He will fight for you. Exodus 14:14
  5. He is always with you. Matthew 28:20
  6. He is your refuge. Psalms 62:6-8Fia 8.12.20