Birthday Bash

Warm Up Lap, Stretch, Directions – each round is 4 minutes long 30-45 second break in between.

Partner workout –
Round 1-
Partner 1-run small square
Partner 2-squat knee lift lunge knee lift (same)

Round 2-
Partner 1-10 step ups
Partner 2-5 push ups, 5 tricep pushups

Round 3-
Partner 1-squat curtsy lunge, squat curtsy lunge – 10 total
Partner 2-burpee, hiccup

Round 4-
Partner 1-run
Partner 2-5 curls, 5 kick backs

Round 5-
Partner 1-walking lunges, shuffle, walking lunges, shuffle small square
Partner 2-push up, row, row

Round 6-
Partner 1-run small square
Partner 1-dead lift to squat up

Round 7-
Partner 1-lateral walking plank – push up at end of mat – down and back x3
Partner 2-squat squat jump

Round 8-
Partner 1-10 lunge touch kicks – each leg
Partner 2-Tricep press down – hip and leg lowers

Last round –
Partner 1- run
Partner 2- standing airplane knee crunch (weighted)

Stretch and breathing

Inspiration – Johnny Diaz song – “Breathe”  – Breathe, God’s got this!
Just breathe – inhale confidence; exhale fear