Counting to 9: Strength Mode!

Q: Hot Buns

where: Anchor

Pax: Jolt, Lake Life, Windy, Rapking, Package, Shiplap, Lego, Velvet, Hop Along, Nomad, Micro, Froyo, Fromage


9 sets / 2 exercises / alternating 30 seconds each / 3 minutes total

High Knees / Squat w/weights lift

Curl to Press / Mtn Climbers

Burpees / Chair Pose (hold squat w/arms extended)

Sit up w/alternating weight press /. Hollow hold w/ weight press

Reverse Lunge w/ weight / Bent Over Rows or tricep extension

Inchworm into push-up / Skaters

Ground to Overhead (squat w/ weight and press up). /. Bridge hold w/alternating skull crushers

Squat jumps / plank hold r / plank hold l (only 2 x)

push-up to open / Superwoman’s

COT / Inspiration