Oh that Valley!

When: 8/28/2020

Where: The Valley

Q: 007

PAX: Summertime, Canvas, Rogue, Smiley, Canyon, Noir, Sunny, BabyBlue, 007

Disclaimer: I am not a trained Professional. Stay at your own pace, modify when needed, and continue to strive.

The Thang:


Run to the Valley Hill


We did a series of leg exercises and ran up and down the hill! We did a series of the following:

  • Narrow Squats
  • Wide Squats
  • Calf-raises
  • Curtsy Lunges
  • Dead-lifts
  • Lunges
  • Side Lunges
  • All above exercises we conducted at a variance of 25, 15, or 10 count.

Cool Down:

  • Jogged back to our starting point and continued a few more leg exercises (as mentioned above)
  • Stretched


Our words have POWER! Lets change those negatives to positives words and actions! Embrace the power of the “I AM” positive thinking statement and celebrate the life God has created for you!