Ace Takes the Wall

When & Where: Tuesday, September 1, 2020 at The Chapel

Q: Atomic; Pax: 007, Summertime, Rogue, Canvas, Superwoman, Glammy, Defender, Aria, Ranger, Keys, Dig, Hawkeye, McQueen, Jolt, Micro

Disclaimer: Work at your own pace and modify if needed.

The Thang: Deck of cards workout. Complete the number of reps indicated on the card. Face cards have unique workouts.


  • Jumping Jacks – 20 in cadence
  • Mtn climbers – 20 in cadence
  • High Knees – 20 in cadence
  • Run lap around chapel

Draw a….

Diamond –   Body Builders (burpee into shoulder press into squat) 

Club –   Bicycle crunches (four count)

Spade –    Squats, choose own variation (regular, narrow, sumo, etc…)

Heart –     Push-ups, choose own variation (regular, diamond, tricep, etc…) 

Jack –     30 gorilla humpers

Queen –     10 Bulgarian split squats / leg

King –     Run Lap around chapel (short square or long lap) 

Ace –         2 minute wall sit (adding dynamic handstands)

Joker –     Sprint down long sidewalk, bear crawl, sprint, crawl bear 

4 or below –    10 jumping jacks + suit exercise

Inspiration: Learn Contentment. Sometimes it doesn’t require drawing an Ace for us to hit a wall. Be content with whatever hand you’re dealt. Trust God’s timing and seek thankfulness in whatever you’re doing. Phil. 4:11-12: I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content: I know how to be abased and I know how to be abound.